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Setting of the CSV in your Polestar (PDF)
This was successful!

index.php has been installed in the folder / of your URL https://mypolestar.de/
The CSV in your Polestar does not send any data yet. Therefore no data table is shown here. Before this the following steps are needed:

2. Settings on the Car Stats Viewer (CSV)

Please make sure that exactly the above mentioned wording of this URL is inserted into the settings of the Car Stats Viewer in your Polestar.
You do not need to insert any password or user-ID there. This might be changed in the future.

Once this is completed the CSV of your Polestar sends records every 5 seconds to the servcer of your website as long as you are sitting on the drivers seat in your car.
It stops soon after you leave the car.
The latest data of 5 days will be available here on your website

All old data will be deleted automatically in order to save your web space.
Disclaimer: This is a private website. No cookies and no tracking or whatsoever are applied. You can use the offered Source Code for free on your website but you are responsible for your own doing.
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